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Your Guide to Glastonbury

Steeped in history, surrounded by natural beauty, and boasting a modern edge, Glastonbury stands as one of Connecticut’s most picturesque towns. If the appeal of living amid colonial charm, coupled with contemporary amenities, beckons you, allow the J.Boswell Team at eXp Realty to escort you through the myriad layers of Glastonbury.

Delving Into the Past: The History of Glastonbury
Settled in 1636 on the eastern bank of the Connecticut River, Glastonbury is one of the state's oldest towns. It started as a shipbuilding community and orchard town. Its legacy can still be seen today in the town's preservation of historic homes and its thriving apple harvests.

Glastonbury Unveiled: Main Attractions and Highlights

Historical Landmarks:
Historic District of Main Street: Walking down this lane is like taking a step back in time, with beautifully preserved colonial homes and historical edifices lining the street.
Welles Shipman Ward House: A classic example of 18th-century architecture, this house provides a detailed glimpse into Glastonbury's storied past.

Natural Attractions:
Glastonbury-Rocky Hill Ferry: Operating since 1655, it stands as the nation's oldest continuously operating ferry service. A ride across the Connecticut River offers stunning vistas.
Cotton Hollow Preserve: A pristine expanse of nature, home to babbling brooks, historical ruins, and scenic hiking trails.

Cultural Festivals: Glastonbury's rich cultural calendar promises events like:
Glastonbury Apple Harvest & Music Festival: Celebrating its orchard legacy, this annual festival combines music, food, and the joy of apple-picking.
Riverfront Music Series: During the summer, residents gather for free outdoor concerts, bonding over music and the town’s scenic riverfront.

Local Gastronomy: Glastonbury's culinary landscape is a treat for the senses: 
Plan B Burger Bar: Renowned for its gourmet burgers and extensive bourbon selections.
Max Fish: Offering a premium seafood dining experience, this establishment is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Community Essence: Beyond its physical attractions, the heartbeat of Glastonbury lies in its community. Events such as the Glastonbury Farmers' Market foster camaraderie, celebrating the town's agricultural heritage and uniting its people.

By choosing Glastonbury, CT, you're not merely selecting a location but joining a vibrant tapestry of history, culture, and community. Immerse yourself in the tales, traditions, and future unfolding in this Connecticut jewel. Welcome to Glastonbury!









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